Lessons from The Force

Lessons from The Force

When most people learn that I formerly was a police officer, they raise their eyebrows and will usually say something like, “Really?  Why would you quit?”

To most, the idea of being a police officer has an exotic feel to it.  It’s because they have envisioned the Hollywood cliché of law enforcement – heroic exploits of men and women in a daily struggle against crime and corruption.  While there are some of those moments on the street, that’s not what happens behind the scenes within the department.  Most of the stuff that happens is boring, day-to-day decisions just like you have at your job. 

Who do I want to work with? 
Am I correctly filling out this new paperwork?
What educational path should I pursue for my career?
Where should I go to lunch?

Most of that’s not interesting to share.

However, why I got into law enforcement, what I learned about it and personal finance, and why I eventually left are things I believe are worth sharing.

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