How bored are you that you came to the Disclaimer page to see what's here? Really?  There's better content to check out on the Blog page.

If I can't convince you to go read great stuff about investment real estate, frugal living and other mind-bending comments from a generally cool guy, then here you go...


Because there are a bunch of litigious ding-dongs out there, we all have to jump through this hoop.

On this site, my opinion is mine alone and does not reflect that of anyone else, including my current brokerage firm or any previous firm or agency.  That goes double for my girlfriend.  Her opinions are her own and they don’t often jive with mine (she’ll tell you it’s jibe and just like that, we’re already disagreeing).*

I’m not a financial or legal professional.  I won’t give legal advice and the financial advice I espouse will be limited to common sense (which isn’t very common nowadays, hence, the need for a disclaimer page).

While I’m a real estate broker/agent, licensed in Washington and Idaho, we are not in a client-agent nor a customer-agent relationship regarding property, so my stories and advice will be considered entertainment since I don’t know how you will apply it in your life.  If you make money from it, that’s awesome.  High five.  Preach the word of investment real estate.

Also, I'm not soliciting my real estate services through this website.  I'm not searching for new real estate business nor asking you to jump into deals with me.  I don't even know you.  Sheesh. 

FTC Disclosure

Per FTC requirements, I'm required to let you know that this website may be compensated through various types of marketing programs and/or affiliate links.  Is that boring enough?  The government can top it.  Read the handy-dandy FTC guide to disclosures - it's fifty-three pages of yummy goodness. 

Let's handle this like grown-ups.  If you see links to outside retail websites, assume they are affiliate marketing links.  If you buy something from one of the linked websites, I may get a commission / fee from that company.  It won't cost you a thing (sort of like the love of Jennifer Lopez).  Our government thinks you can't figure that out on your own.  Is the internet so new that you thought clicking a hyperlink on my website wouldn't take you somewhere different?  I mean, I wish I invented the hyperlink, but come on, really?

If you see banners on the site, I'm not actually promoting the products.  They are there just like an advertisement in a magazine, newspaper, or comic book. Do they require a publisher do this amount of disclosure for advertisers in a newspaper?  Don't think so.  You are an adult and understand how an advertisement works, right?  If you're willing to admit that you don't, please stop reading this website about real estate investing and personal finance. You cannot be trusted to put your money anywhere but a coffee can buried in the backyard.  Close down this window, immediately.   

Thank you to Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, for suggesting on his blogs's disclosure page, the following graphics to essentially cover all possible topics related to this issue.  The illustrations are courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer.  

If you can't figure out the what's going on with the help of these graphics than this site is too high level for you.  I suggest moving on to something more remedial - perhaps this site will be to your liking.  

Amazon Associates Program

Building-Income participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.  This program is an affiliate advertising program which provides an opportunity for sites to earn a fee by advertising and linking to


I hope you jump on my e-mail list.  If you do, I won't share it with anyone else, including your mom.  I promise.  I don't want my mom spamming me with her crazy political views, either.  So far, she thinks I'm a Luddite and am anti-technology.  Don't tell her I have a computer.

All web servers are going to track basic information about who's visiting a site.  My provider is Squarespace and they do have some neat functions with their tracking software.  I don't know what half of it means, but some of the stuff they can track is IP address, type of browser, time stamp, etc.  They can even tell if you jumped on from a mobile device or a desktop.  It's cool stuff, but it won't let me point you out in a restaurant.

The advertisers on this site may use cookies or web beacons to remember a visitor's preferences.  That's how a specific ad pops up targeted to your interests.  People may whine about cookies but if all you ever got were hunting-related advertisements while you're a lettuce-munching vegan, you might think they actually serve a purpose.  

You can change your browser settings to disable cookies if you have privacy concerns.  However, this might interfere with performance of some sites.  The best bet is to do it on a site-by-site basis.

Look on the bright side, if cookies still worry you, these are gluten free so count that as a win and let's move on with our lives.

If they still bother you, read a book.

A Further Note on Google Advertising

You can further learn how to opt-out of Google's cookie use.   Tracking done by Google's cookies and other mechanisms is subject to their own policy.

Final thoughts

If I’m forgetting something, give me a heads up.  I’m new to this and making course corrections as we go.

I'm not letting ego get in the way of mission so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

* by the way, I know my girlfriend is right about ‘jibe’.  I just think ‘jive’ sounds cooler, in a James Brown sort of way.