How bored are you that you came to the Disclaimer page to see what's here?  Really?  There's better content to check out on the Blog page.

But if I can't convince you to go read great stuff about investment real estate, frugal living and other mind-bending comments from a generally cool guy, then here you go...


Because there are a bunch of litigious ding-dongs out there, we all have to jump through this hoop.

On this site, my opinion is mine alone and does not reflect that of anyone else, including my current brokerage firm or any previous firm or agency.  That goes double for my girlfriend.  Her opinions are her own and they don’t often jive with mine (she’ll tell you it’s jibe and just like that, we’re already disagreeing).*

I’m not a financial or legal professional.  I won’t give legal advice and the financial advice I espouse will be limited to common sense (which isn’t very common nowadays).

While I’m a real estate broker/agent, licensed in Washington and Idaho, we are not in a client-agent nor a customer-agent relationship regarding property, so my stories and advice will be considered entertainment since I don’t know how you will apply it in your life.  If you make money from it, that’s awesome.  High five.  Preach the word of investment real estate.

Also, I'm not soliciting my real estate services through this website.  I'm not searching for new real estate business nor asking you to jump into deals with me. 

Affiliate Marketing

Per the FTC requirements, this website may be compensated through affiliate marketing programs.  Is that boring enough?  I wanted to suck all the life out of that sentence and I think I got it.

In other words, if you see links to outside retail websites they are probably affiliate marketing. Does our government think you can't figure that out on your own?  Is the internet so new that you thought clicking a hyperlink on my website wouldn't take you somewhere different?  I mean, I wish I invented the hyperlink, but come on, really?

If you buy something from one of the affiliate marketers, I will (hopefully) earn a commission and keep this website humming along.  There isn’t an up-charge for you to buy through this site.

Final thoughts

If I’m forgetting something, give me a heads up.  I’m new to this and making changes as we go.

* by the way, I know my girlfriend is right about ‘jibe’.  I just think ‘jive’ sounds cooler.