Thanks for checking out my recommendations.  I'm starting this collection of my favorite things as a way to be resource for those interested in personal finance and real estate.

This is a newer page and a bit raw.  Hang in there with me as I get it tightened up.

Sites You've Gotta See

Coach Carson (real estate) - Coach's website was one of the first that I discovered when I started reading blogs.  The guy is wicked smart and has a great story to tell.  He built a massive portfolio of single-family homes.  

Guy on Fire (real estate) - Drew is a twenty-something real estate investor who is building his portfolio while living in Washington D.C.  I give the guy a ton of credit.  That's playing the game in a big way.  Check out his site for both real estate and personal finance stories. 

Mindfully Spent (personal finance) - Melanie over at MS is one of the best writers in the personal finance field.  I love her take on a variety of issues.  If you're looking for someone who gives a little more thought and introspection into their posts, give her website a try.

Podcasts You've Gotta Hear

Money Peach - I love listening to Chris Peach.  The guy is full of energy, regardless of the topic.  He's covered a variety of subjects, from health to wealth, and they're always down to earth and easily accessible.  Jump on this one early because there are a lot of great episodes to catch up on.

Real Estate Guys Radio Show, The - My go-to podcast for real estate knowledge.  These guys are the real deal and when they bring on a guest, it's an industry expert who's going to add value to your day.  If you're interested in developing a portfolio, listening to these guys is definitely worth your time.

Products You've Gotta Use

BroGoLogo - These guys are awesome.  They took a very raw concept and then knocked it out of the park for me.  Can't say enough nice things about them.  I really appreciated the time they took on the project.  If you're looking to have someone design your logo, go with these guys!