Turn-over day!


We turned over the space to the firefighter's union on Friday.  The space looks pretty cool, huh?

Unfortunately, we were more than a month behind schedule and still had a punch list of items to fix.  It was a very frustrating experience with our contractor.  

When times were tight, contractors were begging for work.  Now that the market is red hot, small jobs like this get pushed to the back burner.  This is one of those moments I will remember the next time the market turns.

On the bright side, though, we're very excited to have the guys in the space. We're looking to a bright future ahead.

Tenant Build-out


I stopped by the build-out of the space at our Rosewood retail project.  As a reminder, we've signed a deal with the local firefighter's union.  

The work is progressing, but it's going very slowly.  Right now, there is so much work in Spokane that contractors are spread thin.  Many have taken on too many jobs and suddenly find themselves stuck when a sub-contractor bails on them.  This has been a problem on this job. A dry wall contractor bailed on the project for a larger job.  

The general contractor was left in tough situation as he couldn't find another dry waller to come in and do the work.  Therefore, the GC himself has been in the space hanging the wall and mudding.  

The project is going to be delivered, slightly late, but it's going to get done now.

This is far cry from 2008-2012 when work dried up.  Contractors were begging for work and offering deals to keep guys employed.  

It's the law of supply and demand in action. 

Construction has begun...

The first property that I ever bought has experienced another vacancy.  It's been roughly five years since the last one so it's been a pretty good run.  However, the tenant that moved out had been there since the mid '70s.  It's required a complete gut job and a new start.

However, we've got great tenant coming in.  The Professional Fire Fighters of Spokane County Fire District 9 & 10 is our new tenant!  I'll detail more about this in an upcoming post, but thought you might like to see some of the build-out as things move along.

It's taken us longer to get started on this project than expected.  We did the initial demo back in April.  You can check out the pictures further back in this blog.

Due to the market, timelines are very tight to get contractors in for bids and then to get them back to start the work.  My clients are experiencing this problem as well.

Anyway, we're excited to have the work underway.  Stay tuned for further updates...

Demo of Vacancy

We brought in our contractor and demo'd the former Spokane Vitamin Supply space.  After 40 years, it was pretty rough.  They'd had essentially the same carpet in the space that whole time.  It had held up amazingly well, but was forest green and way past its useful life.

Gutting it allowed us to see what could be done with the space.  

It's a wide open box now.

It also had popcorn ceilings which we will have scrapped (after an asbestos test, of course!)

Going to look sharp when we get a new tenant in.

Yes, that's a whole in the wall where a non-functioning AC unit had been.

Yes, that's a whole in the wall where a non-functioning AC unit had been.

This had been covered in by a simple wall the tenant had built.  We'll either replaced it with a new door or we will block in as appropriate.

This had been covered in by a simple wall the tenant had built.  We'll either replaced it with a new door or we will block in as appropriate.

A Little Touch Up Paint

As mentioned previously, Spokane Vitamin Supply moved out.  

The first thing we did was take down the old sign and touch up the building's paint. Unfortunately, we discovered that the previous sign's base was applied with liquid nails to our metal facade.  Removing it will severely damage the metal.

We're going to have to figure out a plan once we get a new tenant.

A New Vacancy, A New Opportunity

After nearly 40 years, Spokane Vitamin Supply moved out of our building at 1008 W. Rosewood.

The business had changed had several times, the most recently a few years ago.  The recent owners sold the business again and the new buyers have relocated it to their existing business in the Spokane Valley (neighboring city).

What this has left us with is a vacancy.  It's time to crank up the machine and start marketing the property.