What the Heck is This Substance?


We received a call from the STCU facilities manager who said a residue was covering their ATM at our Deer Park property.  He'd gotten a call from a concerned member and then forwarded the pictures to me.

At first, it was thought to be chemical de-icer that was sprayed haphazardly on to the ATM.  I contacted our snowplowing company and asked them to look into it.  They went to the site and inspected the ATM.  It turned out to not be de-icer, but an oily substance.


This prompted further investigation by the snowplowing company.  They had recently placed a truck into service due to a ruptured hydraulic line.  The ruptured line was spraying fluid everywhere.  Prior to being taken out of service, the last place the truck had worked was our site.  

Mystery solved and then cleaned up.  Never a dull moment in the life of a real estate investor.