Tenant Build-out


I stopped by the build-out of the space at our Rosewood retail project.  As a reminder, we've signed a deal with the local firefighter's union.  

The work is progressing, but it's going very slowly.  Right now, there is so much work in Spokane that contractors are spread thin.  Many have taken on too many jobs and suddenly find themselves stuck when a sub-contractor bails on them.  This has been a problem on this job. A dry wall contractor bailed on the project for a larger job.  

The general contractor was left in tough situation as he couldn't find another dry waller to come in and do the work.  Therefore, the GC himself has been in the space hanging the wall and mudding.  

The project is going to be delivered, slightly late, but it's going to get done now.

This is far cry from 2008-2012 when work dried up.  Contractors were begging for work and offering deals to keep guys employed.  

It's the law of supply and demand in action.