Mailbox Installed

We were required to install a commercial grade mailbox at our Deer Park, Washington property.

The original developer and previous owner had never done this.  The post office did not want to have their carrier exiting the vehicle to deliver the mail to each space.  This is what they had been doing in the past and finally drew a line in the sand with our newest tenant.  They were refusing to deliver mail to them, instead making them pick it up at the post office.

This obviously created a problem for us and would create a problem for any incoming tenant as we hope to fill the final vacancy soon.

Can you guess how much one of these units costs?  With tax, a little over $1,400.00!  I bought it from Lowe's and had it delivered to our local store so shipping was free.  However, that's still an amazing cost for a chunk of metal. 

Don't forget that we needed to install a concrete pad to support it.  The pad had to have a volume of 4' x 4' x 4" (deep).  We went a little smaller and deeper, but it's an expensive process to build a little concrete pad.

Anyway, the post office and our tenants are now happy.