Are You Living Now?

Are You Living Now?

My girlfriend gave me The Power of Now: a Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle a couple years ago.  At the time, I’d just read my first book on Stoicism and was intrigued by the idea of a philosophy that would help me find tranquility in life.  She’d read a review of Tolle’s book and thought it might be something I’d find interesting.

When I first picked up The Power of Now, I struggled with the author’s introduction and put it down.    It eventually made its way onto my bookshelf where it sat for the past two years until I rediscovered it.

Then on a beautiful sunny day a few weeks ago, I needed something to read and I didn’t feel like going to the library.  I went to my bookcase, saw The Power of Now and grabbed it.

I again struggled through the introduction, but pushed forward into the first chapter.  Then it happened.  Suddenly things started making sense.  Not all of it.  It’s still a very deep and challenging book, especially for a guy like me who isn’t spiritually inclined.  What I found though was a surprising sense of joy that came from several of the principals Tolle wrote about. 

While talking with a friend at work about the new book I was reading (I’ve become very discreet in who I share info with since the lessons learned the hard way with The 4 Hour Workweek), I mentioned this book.  He said he’d read it along with his wife.  We then discussed the book at length.  It surprised me that someone I knew had already read it.

Then I listened to a Money Peach podcast (#44) wherein Chris Peach interviewed entrepreneur Todd White.  Throughout the interview, I kept thinking that White sounded like he was espousing some of Tolle’s ideas.  I thought maybe I had tainted my view on life with the book I was reading.  Peach’s final question of the interview was “If you have somebody looking to get started in business as an entrepreneur, what would you recommend?”  White said, “It’s the same book for everybody.  It’s The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.” 

I was amazed to say the least.  A very successful entrepreneur was recommending the book just after my friend had said he and his wife had read it.  I shouldn’t let the opinions of others change how I think, but knowing someone had already read this book and loved it, felt like some encouragement for what I was feeling.

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