Investing is Risky. So is Life. Get over it.

Investing is Risky.  So is Life.  Get over it.

We spend our lives with risk.

There is everyday risk like driving to and from work, school, or some event with our spouse.  At any moment, we put ourselves on the road with other people who may or may not be in full control of themselves whether it be from alcohol, lack of sleep, or relationship induced stress.  Some of these people are just plain morons who should not be allowed to drive - but they're given a license anyway and we willingly chose to get on the road with them.

A collision could cost us financially from as little as a few hundred dollars to fix a ding to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.  However, we’ve learned to accept and manage this daily risk as we go about our lives.

There’s also the health risk we must accept just being part of the human experience.  Genetic health issues may cause elevated concerns throughout our life or they may show up in later years.  Poor food choices or bad exercise habits may not elevate our risk immediately, but sustained patterns will eventually result in some sort of health concern.  This is risk we either accept or ignore, but it’s there nonetheless.

People are killed every year by lighting.  People have been killed by an air-conditioner falling out of a building window.  Life is f'ing dangerous, at times.

Yet, even the riskiest adventurers as well as the experts in covert operations have learned to mitigate their risks.  They don’t jump out of planes without parachutes and they practice repeatedly so that an actual event becomes second nature.

We can’t escape risk so, therefore, we all must learn to deal with it.

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