A Tool to Quickly Analyze a Property

A Tool to Quickly Analyze a Property

I thought I would share my proforma spreadsheet for analyzing commercial properties.  This is a basic tool, but it’s one I use frequently. You can get the spreadsheet by subscribing to my newsletter.

There are some incredibly in-depth tools out there for analyzing commercial properties.  The spreadsheet that’s given as part of the CCIM 101 course is incredible.  It’s able to forecast 10-years down the road, but it is so detail heavy that it can make your eyes cross, your hands sweat, and truly wonder if commercial real estate is anything you want to get involved in. Please understand that I’m not making light of a tool of that magnitude.  In fact, I will use it when analyzing million-dollar shopping centers.

However, there are times when I just want to quickly analyze a property to understand if it is worth digging into deeper.  That’s where this little proforma comes in.  It isn’t mean to be an end-all/be-all.  It’s just a starting point.

The spreadsheet was given to me by my investing partner who said I was free to tweak it and share it.

Without further ado, let’s take a quick walk-through.

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