How Driving for Dollars Can Improve Your Wallet and Your Soul

How Driving for Dollars Can Improve Your Wallet and Your Soul

How do you get to work?

If you’re like me, you are one of the multitude who needs to get to an office via car.  I’ve taken steps to work remotely a couple days a week so those necessary trips have been reduced.

However, I’m a commercial real estate broker which requires extra driving for tours or meetings with potential clients.  Some days I’ll leave the office, drive into an area and park my car.  Then I’ll talk with the various business owners about how their businesses are doing, if they’d like to expand into a new location or relocate their existing site.  This exercise is called canvassing

I’m sure you do a fair amount of driving beyond your job as well.

Like us, you probably make frequent trips to the grocery store, the hardware store or any number of other stops. 

This isn’t an anti-car rant a la Mr. Money Mustache.  While I’m not overly excited by cars any longer, they serve a purpose.  Many of us need to get from point A to point B for business to get conducted.  I’m not going to do it on a bike.   My clients wouldn’t take too well to sitting on the handlebars of my mountain bike while we tour sites.

While it’s great to combine trips for more efficiency, saving both time and dollars, that’s not what this post is about.  It may even fly in the face of most personal finance concepts.

Here’s my advice:

Take your time getting to where you want to go.

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