What Does Your Broker Invest In?

What Does Your Broker Invest In?

I’m going to rant against some of those in the financial services industry.

You see, I’m a commercial real estate broker who loves the product he represents.  My clients can see and hear my enthusiasm when we talk about their needs, whether it be buying, selling, developing or leasing. 

A lot of my excitement stems from the fact that I own real estate.  I own various types of commercial property.  From small retail strip centers, a couple office buildings, a ground leased property and even a couple residential rentals.  I love real estate.

It’s one of the reasons I started Building-Income.  I wanted to share my excitement for the product.  I’m always looking to buy another piece of property.  It’s how I’m going to secure my retirement and leave a legacy for my family.

It’s one of the best investment vehicles out there and I wish everyone could feel the excitement I do.

However, there are some in my industry who don’t feel the same way.  They take their commissions and run.  They buy anything but real estate.  If they invest in anything, it’s the stock market or some other get rich quick scheme.

Now, I’m not against the stock market or investing in a business.  I’ve invested in both.  It’s just that I believe a real estate broker should practice what they preach and put their money where their mouth is.

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