Do the Hustle!

Do the Hustle!

On January 4th, I released The Side Hustle, a self-published crime fiction novel.  I didn’t seek a publisher for this novel for a couple of reasons.  I’ll get to that in a bit.

Before I do, let me tell you about the book.

The Side Hustle is about the murder of Jacob Kidwell, a personal finance blogger.  Jacob’s life was seemingly perfect, but during the investigation, it’s discovered that something dark lurked underneath his life.  That something led to his death.

Two major crimes detectives, Quinn Delaney and Marci Burkett, are assigned the case.  They’ve been partners for several years and are a good team.  However, something is off in Quinn’s life and he’s not clueing Marci into what’s occurring with him.  This creates tension in their partnership as he hides what’s bothering him.

Also featured in The Side Hustle is Kirby Willis, a young man whose success is built on self-discipline and self-sacrifice.  He’s a friend of Jacob Kidwell as well as a personal finance blogger.  When Kirby discovers that his friend has been murdered, he wants to know why.  He begins poking his nose into places he shouldn’t.

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