How I Bought My First $1.5M Commercial Building

How I Bought My First $1.5M Commercial Building

In late 2016, we bought a 10,135 square foot retail building in Deer Park, Washington.

At that point, it was the largest and most expensive building I’d been a part of acquiring.  Quite frankly, I was a bit scared that we could pull it off.  Up until then, the most expensive building I had purchased with partners was $390,000.  The building we were contemplating was almost four times that price.  It made my heart race considering it.

However, we believed the building to be well-built, positioned great and priced right.  That’s the trifecta when looking at a commercial project.

We made our offer on the building and then conducted our due diligence.  My investing partner and I believed in the project, but our partners thought the price needed to be a bit better.

Then we did what we previously thought unthinkable.

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