Quick Update - Hang in there!

 Okay, so you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a little quiet over the past several weeks.   It’s been a busy period of real estate acquisitions and writing (albeit not blog work).  I’ll fill you in on the real estate stuff in coming weeks, but for now I’m going to give you a quick sneak peek into the upcoming writing projects.

First, I have a self-published novel that I’m targeting for release on December 1st, 2018.  I’ve worked on this story for over a year and half now.  I’m extremely excited about this one and there is some method behind the thought process on self-publishing.  Those mystery readers who are into personal finance will dig this story line.  I’ll do a separate post on this soon.


Second, I just finished the editing process for Charlie-316, my novel with Frank Zafiro.  This is slated for a Spring 2019 release through Down & Out Books.  This has been a great process and we’re excited to be moving toward publication.  Our cover is set, and I can’t wait to share that.

Third, here’s a cool logo for Grifter’s Song, something I’m truly stoked to be a part of.  That’s all I can say at this time, but I will say more.  Supposedly, there’s going to be an official announcement on this soon!

-        Colin