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    This post may contain affiliate links.  Learn more by reading my  disclosure .


This post may contain affiliate links.  Learn more by reading my disclosure.

My girlfriend recently came to me with a personal finance book she had just started reading.  “You’ve got to read this,” she said.  “I’m loving it.”

“Cool, I’ll check it out when you’re done.”

When she gets excited about a money book, I’m going to pay attention.  We are both avid readers, but our paths of interest don’t cross very often.  This was one of those times so I took notice of her excitement.

Two days later she handed me the book she’d been reading.  “Get started because I want it back,” she said with a smile.  “I didn’t write in it because I know you hate that.  When I read it the second time, I’m going to mark it up.”

She was right.  I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to books and I don’t like reading other people’s notes when I’m trying to get the message the author was originally intending.

“I’ll get started on it,” I said and took the book.

The next day she saw me reading a crime fiction novel my friend, Frank, had written.  “Why haven’t you started my book?” she asked, slightly perturbed.

“I’ll get to it,” I said.  “I want to finish this one first.”

She eyed her book sitting on my desk.

“Do you want it?” I asked.  “You can have it back and get started reading it again.”

“No,” she said.  “I want you to read it.  I’m excited is all.”

The next day I was still reading the novel and she crossed her arms when she caught me with it.  “Are you going to start my book?  I think it would be a good subject for your blog.  It talks about money from a different angle than you do.  It will be timely, too, since the book just came out.”

I think she was trying to get me motivated by bringing the blog into the conversation.

“How about this,” I said.  “I’m not going to get to the book as fast as you want.  Why don’t you take it back and give it a second read?  However, would you do me a favor and write the blog post for me?”

“Agreed,” she said, snatching the book from my desk.

Without further ado, please welcome The Girlfriend to the site. 

As a reminder, she’s a bit suspicious of the internet so she doesn’t want her name used.  Hence, the moniker.

Are You a Badass at Making Money Yet?  You Can Be.

I had eagerly awaited the arrival of Jen Sincero’s latest book You are a Badass at Making Money-Master the Mindset of Wealth like a kid waiting for Christmas.  Due out sometime in April, I kept checking Barnes & Noble’s website to see if it was available the same way kids inventory presents under the tree to see if any more have been added to the holiday stash. 

Well, the book finally arrived and let me tell you, Santa did not disappoint.  Actually, Sincero did not disappoint. This was April, after all. 

Sincero has a great poor-to-prosperous story, and I give the girl serious kudos for telling it with such unabashed candidness.  She changed her status from totally broke to millionaire, jet-setter in a relatively short time period, without winning the lottery nor doing anything she would regret in the morning, if you know what I mean.   

She weaves her own story as she guides readers through the process of getting real about their financial lives and doing something about it, now.  She was broke most of her life, justified it and stayed stuck in it until her forties.  Then, she woke up and decided that she wanted more. 

Not only did she want more.  She came to terms with the fact that she deserved more.  She didn’t deserve more because she was special or superior.  She deserved more because she was.  She was here, she was alive, she was part of a Universal Intelligence “…just as the water droplet that lands in the ocean is part of the whole sea…,” she writes.  She was.  Just like you are. And, I am. (Chew on that for a while.)

You are a Badass at Making Money is not full of fluffy anecdotes meant to encourage and inspire you.  It’s chock full of raw language and comical stories that take a lot of chutzpah to put into print.  Her voice is as audacious as it is authentic.  When you read it, it seems to give you permission to be truthful and lighthearted about your own financial failures.  And, when the veil of embarrassment is lifted, you suddenly want to do something about it, now, too.    

Sincero is the kind of person you want as your friend, financial and otherwise.  Perhaps because she’s lived it herself, subsisting on $1 tacos and living in a garage, or the way she delivers her message, honest and direct, but in a loving, humorous way.  She doesn’t leave you feeling like crap after you’ve just been told something you really need to hear, but don’t necessarily want to face.

My first read took two days.  It was fun, hilarious at times, simplified some pretty big concepts into easy-to-understand language and was really uplifting.  By choice, I didn’t do the exercises she prescribed, the kind you typically find in self-improvement books, the first time through.

My preferred way of consuming juicy books like this one is to read it once cover-to-cover, usually with all kinds of underlines, notes and dog ears, and then go back through it again, giving it the time it really deserves (and the time I really deserve) to put it into practice and see what works in my life.  Now, on my second read, I’m doing the work she suggested. 

Why is this important?  If you’ve ever bought a self-help book, infomercial product or attended a seminar and then not finished it, or not applied the lessons taught (and that should be a show of hands from everyone in the audience), then you know that feeling of discouragement and being “right back where you started.”  When, actually, all you (and I) ever had to do to be one step closer to our dreams was follow the directions and DO the work required. 

My point here:  do the exercises!  They work.  But, (and this is an important caveat) they only work if you believe—like deep down, intuitively knowing, in your gut believe—that they WILL work. 

This is where some readers may be challenged or confused by what they’re reading.  Some may even flat out disagree with the author.  It depends on where you’re at spiritually. 

Though this is a very practical book about making money with lots of action steps, it is also a very spiritual book about harnessing the power of the Universe or God or Allah or Divine Intelligence or Murray or whatever name you ascribe to your higher power to achieve your financial dreams.  It’s not religious in the traditional sense of Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Islam, Hindu, etc. at all.  It definitely follows a more new-agey stream of consciousness.  (If my handsome husboyfriend—flatter, flatter, wink, wink—lets me guest-post again, I’m happy to opine on the topic of money as it relates to God/spirit.)

So, depending on your spiritual perspective, the book will either resonate with you or leave you with a furrowed brow, mimicking the Church Lady saying, “Well, isn’t that special.”

If you’re cool with her approach to the whole God/spirit-thing, or can filter it through your own belief system, it’s worth the time to read the book, complete the exercises, and start making the kind of money that’s always seemed beyond your reach. 

Jen Sincero is the real deal.  She’s a totally badass chick, but instead of feeling afraid of her, or jealous of her, you just kinda want to hug her and thank her.  So, virtual hugs to you, Jen, my new soul sister!  I look forward to sitting next to you in first-class one of these days. 

Is it time for you to be a badass?
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